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Drawing with Govedare, Fall 2011, Pt. 3 by OllieTeo Drawing with Govedare, Fall 2011, Pt. 3 by OllieTeo
Finally, a project we had to come up with and complete outside of class. I decided to do some portraits of friends. (I decided against a face/bust portrait for the middle one because after we set up the lighting, I thought it looked too cool to exclude.) Philip REALLY liked the one on the right and had me include that one in the final critique session as well. And so did my camera, since its face recognition thing kept squaring in on her's face, haha.

My issue with working with charcoal is my drawings tend to kinda...fade into this neutral grey, without a lot of very dark blacks. This was because I'd stick to vine or willow charcoal sticks pretty strictly. The one on the right, however, I did with... I think compressed charcoal pencils, which come out much darker but can't be easily erased by wiping at the paper. Luckily, the latter quality wasn't an issue here and the portrait came out a good likeness of my model, and using different materials than usual meant I pushed my darks much more easily.

Note: Every single person here is watching TV. 'Cept the first guy, he's on his laptop. None of these took more than an hour to complete.
kiikii-sempai Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Woah you're fast!! Yeah I had a problem with charcoal just smudging around to the same value-- it turns out the paper quality has a large part to play with that as well. >_>; (not to mention I got like, half my drawings on my face)

The one on the right is my favorite as well! Her hair feels like it has real weight! lovely~ :heart:
OllieTeo Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011
yeah, after several months of working with the medium, I got pretty comfortable with it and started working faster. Then again, these are pretty basic drawings, and I'm used to more complicated set-ups and compositions. Anyway, thank you!
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December 21, 2011
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